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We get hundreds of thousands of visitors every year from search engines which allows us to put YOUR BUSINESS NAME in front of them EVERY DAY – 365 days a year!.  In fact, our single biggest traffic source is natural search traffic from the U.S. and Canada. These are highly targeted prospects who are actively engaged in seeking information to help them make choices of how they are going to spend their tourism and vacation dollars while visiting Iowa.  Are they going to choose to spend their dollars with you? Are you getting your fair share of the $5.8 Billion Tourism dollars in Iowa?  Or will they choose to spend their dollars with someone else?

Because of our extremely high quality and relevant content, our bounce rate is under 50%.  What this means to you is that our visitors hang out for a while – typically viewing approximately 10 pages per visit.  And the average visitor returns to our site 2.09 times to further plan their vacation excursion to Iowa.  Will they choose YOU for their vacation plans?

Here’s how we are different. 
          [And More Importantly, how that benefits YOU]
Quality.  We provide high quality articles, videos, tips and advice on things to see and do in Iowa.  We provide the most indepth coverage of events and attractions of any Iowa travel website – typically providing a full page of content on each attraction rather than the typical one to three sentences most sites provide.

Unbiased Coverage.  We provide information on attractions without the bias of other tourism sites that only include information on events and attractions who have paid to be listed.  This provides a trusted and valued resource to the visitor who is searching for honest and objective information on things to see and do in the state of Iowa.

Personal Connection.  Iowa Beautiful has a personal touch and thus a personal connection with our readers.  People build loyalty and trust with other people, not with corporations.  We’re real people, and our readers appreciate that.

You get premium access to our audience who are actively engaged in making their travel plans.  By advertising on Iowa Beautiful, they can actively become engaged with you!

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