Get Maximum Exposure with a 180×150 Image Sponsorship

This is our most popular premium advertising option.  Although it doesn’t have the sheer force and impact of the larger spots, it’s a very low cost alternative to larger image ads.

Hurry, there are only 10 of these spots available!


Stand Out with this Premium Sponsorship – Sitewide Banner

This 486×60 ad appears on the top of every page, RIGHT NEXT TO the title.  So it’s sure to be noticed by every visitor.  Only one spot is available and you can choose to own that spot for the duration of your ad buy.

Get Exposure with a Featured Attraction

Get targeted exposure with a Featured Attraction.  This option allows an attraction that is listed in any of our regional categories to be featured in the top first, second, or third spots in their regional category.  Even more importantly, your attraction will also appear on every single listing page within your regional category.  So your attraction will not only be listed once in each region, but at the top of the list on each page of your regional list.

Ask out our hotest personal connection with Video Ads

We are also introducing the hotest new "in-demand" feature to our website – video.  We can add your video into a random rotation displayed on our front page of the website and all regional categories.  Video and audio are the hotest and most popular in-demand features of our users today.  See your message not only on our Travel Network of sites, but we will also place it in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube, Yahoo Video, and more. 

In fact, Google has even started to inlcude videos in their natural search results.  This means that our videos are not only in front of the hundreds of millions of visitors to YouTube and our own sites, but are also beginning to show up in regular Google search results as well!

We have produced and promoted various high quality, entertaining videos, and get over 500,00 views per month between YouTube, our America Beautiful travel network, and other vide sharing sites.

Contact us about including your sponsorship message in our travel videos and really drive action.

Get your Fair Share of Tourism dollars with a Rotating Footer Ad.

We also have sitewide advertising options to display your 468×60 ad in the search footer of our site which is an effective way to increase your branding and image awareness.


Choose the Most Powerful Option – Saturate our Targeted Travel Audience with Your Message!

The undisputed most effective way to get your message across to an audience is to hit them with the same core message in different ways, but at the same time.

We’ll come up with the most effective targeting possible, to not only get your message in front of our readers, but to make you top of mind!

Not sure which option is best for you?  Looking for a custom partnership? 

Email us or call us directly and let’s get started.

Need help to decide today which option is best for you?  Let us help you decide.  Contact us at Sales @ or call us directly Monday through Thursday at 515-277-2500 with your budget and a summary of your goals.  Together we’ll put together the most effective solution for you.  Fast!




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