desoto_planes.jpg    AIRCRAFT SUPER-MARKET DeSoto, Iowa

Just outside of DeSoto, Iowa, visitors are able to browse through a wide assortment of ultra-light and light aircraft. A 3,500 square foot, air conditioned, heated, two level, carpeted showroom within 50 feet of Interstate 80, the busiest interstate in the Midwest. They can also view videos that give the history of each type of plane. 

Rides in planes are available and their routes include going over parts of picturesque areas in Central Iowa, such as the Raccoon River Valley and the Bridges of Madison County.

Lessons in flying ultra-light and light aircraft can be

Admission – None

Directions – #10 Ellefson Drive – 14 miles west of Des Moines, Iowa, on Interstate 80, exit 110. – DeSoto, Iowa 50069

Hours – 8:00 a.m. – sunset, daily

Phone – (515) 834-2225 


  1. paul fusillo says:

    call me if you get in a decently equipped USED CTLS 828 692 6731

  2. Hi Paul,
    I have forwarded your email on to the market and requested that they contact you. Good luck on your search and thank you for contacting

    Pat Watson

  3. Art Isaacson says:

    Gentlemen, I have purchased a T-bird taildragger and was wondering if you have such a plane that I can get some instruction in? Thanks

  4. Art,
    I have forwarded your inquiry on to the appropriate people at the market and asked them to contact you. Good luck.

  5. Wow, about 19 years ago i stopped in and met Robert Ellefson who took my two young sons up in an ultralight plane. what an experience for them. One of them went on to become an F-18 mechanic in the United States Marines and the other is now in college. They both talk about that day 19 years ago up in the sky with robert. thanks and glad you are still in business.

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