Howell Dried Florals And Green House – Cummings, Iowa


Howell Dried Florals And Green House – Cummings, Iowa

One-half mile from Francesca’s home, made famous by the book and film Bridges of Madison County, visitors will find a working farm which has been partially converted into the raising and selling of flowers. Over 15 acres of this fifth-generation farm are devoted to that business, 8 of which are flower gardens. The first floor of a 1910 barn contains the floral and gift shop and harvested, dried flowers are stored in the haymow. 

Nearby in the petting zoo, children can become acquainted with farm animals. Visitors are welcome to wander through the long rows of flowers. Group and bus tours can be arranged.

Admission – None

Location: 3145 Howell Court – Cumming, Iowa 50061

Directions – near County Road G14, south of State Highway 5, and east of U. S. Interstate Highway 35

Hours – dawn to dusk (gardens); (shop), or by appointment

Phone – (515) 981-0863 

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