Francesca’s House – Winterset, Iowa

    Francesca’s House.jpgFrancesca’s House – Winterset, Iowa

Francesca’s House – Winterset, Iowa, actually 16 miles from Winterset is the home made famous by the movie "Bridges of Madison County."  Both Cummings and Winterset give access to informtion about this house.

Fully restored for the film "Bridges of Madison County", the home’s exterior and interior remain exactly the same as they were for the shooting of the movie and was open to the public for guided tours throughout the summer months. 

Located in the northeast corner of the county, the house had been abandoned for over 35 years and was fully restored for the film. The house was damaged by an arson fire on October 6, 2003 and is no longer open for tours.

Location: I-35 take Exit #65 West on G14 – 4 miles to posted signs. Left on 130th St. 1/2 mile to Francesca’s house. 


  1. Chantal Prosperi Fongemie says:

    Why is there a pattern of landmark arson/destruction in Madison County? These beautiful bridges hold such history and importance to the landscape of the region. Your part of the world is so very unique and beautiful; I don’t understand why anyone would want these structures destroyed. Shame on the culprits responsible; you should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  2. Roberto Melo says:

    It’s hard to accept the evil side of human kind. Destroy something so beautiful and harmless… I went to visit all the bridges but did not get to see the house. Who ever did this horrible thing needs to be punished by LAW!!!

  3. Linda Sanders says:

    In 2001 I had the wonderful opportunity to visit all the bridges in Madison County, and to visit Francesca’s house. I toured the whole house, upstairs and down. Walked around the lawn, saw the windmill where Clint Eastwood washed up before supper. Stood in Francesca’s bedroom looking out the window at the windmill. The entire house was the same as it was in the movie. I could feel their presence in the house. I went back the next day and did it all over again. It’s heartbreaking that someone would want to burn or harm these wonderful landmarks. I am so greatful that I was able to be there. Clint’s old green pickup truck was still in the front yard with his camera tripod in the front seat. It’s one trip that I will never, ever forget.

  4. Deborah rasmussen says:

    Looking for any pictures of Fransecas house. And pictures of the surounding areas of the house.
    My dream is to get to Iowa and see everything related to the wonderful movie.unfortunetly the house might no longer be available for inside pictures.would appreciate any help with pictures.

  5. We had the opportunity to tour the house and take photos before the fire. It was so beautiful. We are so saddened by the fire and closure to the public.

  6. The truck in front of the house wasn’t actually Clint’s, but a similar make and model.

  7. madison says:

    i think it is so sad that it burned down. i got to visit iowa when i was three and its was so nice but i really don’t remember much. And my parents got to get married in the house. so i think that is so cool. And what really sucks is that we were going to go the house this summer and ALL THE SUDDEN IT BURNED DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT GOT TO GET MARRIED THERE AND WE JUST HEARD ABOUT IT I AM SO SAD !!!!!!! :(

  8. and this house WILL ALWAYS BE APART OF ME

  9. The house didn’t burn down, it was damaged. It’s still standing…I just visited it (from the roadside) yesterday on my way through on a road trip. The windows are boarded up, but it is very much intact, at least from a distance.

  10. I received a gift from my daughter on my 50th birthday, 2 tickets to Iowa to go to the festival they have every year and to see Francesca’s house, unfortuentlly it was not open to public, this movie means so much to me, I collect everything pertaining to it, I even threw some of my my husbands ashes off roseman bridge, my children are going to do the same for me someday, this movie the first time I saw it touched my heart, and to this day, means so much, because we had that kind of love, a love that comes but once in a lifetime, I was so blessed to feel that kind of love, I wished I could see the house though I didnt know it was closed. Thank you Francesca and Robert

  11. jacob lawrence says:

    It may seem somewhat far fetched but I have often wondered if the Arsons and the attempt to take the house down, might have something to do with the story in itself. I mean, to some perhaps the story may condone adultury. I hav talked to several folks who feel that way. I love the movie myself, and have visited the bridges and the home as well. Very much enjoyed them all. Any one who lives there in Winterset will know very well the corner that Francesca and her husband waited at the stop light directly behind Robert in his Pickup. If you look closely you will recognize the little shop to the front left of Roberts vehicle as none other than Benoits drive in, and to the front and right, Fareway Foods. I thought that was kinda neat.

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