Marshall County Historical Museum – Marshalltown, Iowa

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Marshall County Historical Museum – Marshalltown, Iowa
The Museum is the center for study of significant items of the collections covering numerous areas of the life and history of the area.

Some of their featured displays include Geology and Archeology, Business and Industry, Domestic Life, Early American Glass Club Collection, Community Life, "The General Store", The Rural Frontier, Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing, The Frontier Town, Sports and Entertainment, Military History, and Government. There is also a Historical Reference Library for use by members and visitors.

Geology and Archeology The history of Marshall County began long before European settlers arrived. The museum has extensive collections of geological, paleontological, and archaeological specimens, including fossil crinoids excavated at the Le Grand Quarry, which are among the best preserved specimens of their kind in the world. The Historical Society owns an extensive collection of Native American artifacts, some of which are on display.

Business and Industry hosts permanent exhibits featuring such notable locals as David Lennox, a man who started as a simple machinist and went on to found several local industries such as the Lennox Furnace Company (now Lennox Industries) and the Marshalltown Trowel Company (now the Marshalltown Company).

"The General Store" Step back to 1900 in a room filled with the variety of items that one could find at a general store. Featured are some items, such as "Jack Sprat" brand foods, that were produced in Marshall County.

Early American Glass Club Collection Shares a large portion of an extensive pressed glass collection such as the States Glass Collection, which includes glass patterns named for various states.

The Rural Frontier and The Frontier Town rooms display artifacts from the early days of Marshall County including farm tools, household goods, and clothing from the 1850s to 1900.

Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing is the display which tells the story of the nursing school, and lives of the doctors and dentists of the area.

Sports and Entertainment Marshall County had its share of non-business celebrities as well. Perhaps our most famous former resident was movie star Jean Seberg ("Saint Joan," "Paint Your Wagon," and more), but baseball fans may know of "Cap" Anson, magician history buffs may have heard about T. Nelson Downs (the c. 1900 "King of Coins"). Another famous native was Dale Paul (stage name) who portrayed the Phillip Morris page boy on early commercials, as well as a theatrical performer and movie star.

Military History Many eras of military history are displayed, from the Civil War through modern wars.

All of these areas are available for your enjoyment and education at the Historical Museum in Marshalltown.

Location: 202 East Church Street, Marshalltown, Iowa 50158

Open all the year around Wednesday through Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM

Free Admission (donations gladly accepted).

Phone: 641-752-6664


  1. Melanie Stevenson says:

    I have a question, please. I live in Illinois, however, my grandparent, great-grandparents are from Iowa….Decatur, Marion, and Lucas Counties.

    I just learned that Decatur Co., IA has a township named Burrell Township. Do you know who/what that township was named after or for? Burrell is my grandmother’s maiden name and I find that interesting.

    Can you help or point me in the right direction?

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