Lillie Mae Chocolate – Marshalltown, Iowa

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Lillie Mae Chocolate – Marshalltown, Iowa
This candy shop had hand made, hand dipped chocolates and caramels which they have been making since 1939.

Some of the recipes for the candies date all the way back to 1939! With the candy making being done on the first floor of the building visitors may watch chocolates being hand dipped.

The shop is popular enough that in the summer of 2006 Lillie Mae opened their 2nd store at 417 Main in Ames.

Come to the shop and see how candy is made and smell the wonderful candies as they are handmade, ready for your enjoyment. The staff love to have people watch, so, come on over.

Phone: 800-752-6041

Addresses: Marshalltown: 23 West Main Street 50158
Ames: 417 Main Street (across from Wells Fargo)


  1. Carol Bottom says:

    I would love to be able to order on-line. This would become a top gift giving site for me.

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