Double D Rodeo – Toledo, Iowa

85images.jpg- Toledo, Iowa

Ranch Rodeo is an event that was re-created a number of years ago to return to the roots of rodeo when the first event was established in 1882. The Double D Rodeo is a true Ranch Rodeo!

The Double D is one of the last remaining Ranch Rodeos. The others are a more commercial event focusing on each individual rider whereas a Double D Rodeo focuses on the team. To make a ranch work takes more than one skill, more than one person, it takes a team. The Ranch Rodeo works with the team concept. Events are created that simulated what the ranch cowboys did for work each day on the ranch.

The Double D Rodeo is a social function that is not only a competition but a time of visiting with each other and sharing your lives.

The rodeo is usually held in August at the rodeo grounds at the Dennis Dostal farm.

Location: 7 miles north of Toledo o US Highway 63 and one half mile east on Tama County Rd. E29.

For dates and information: Phone: 641-484-4375

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