Winding Stairs – Traer, Iowa

 winding stairs_1.jpg   Winding Stairs – Traer, Iowa

The stairway makes 1 1/2 revolutions and weighs 2,000 pounds. It consists of 23 steps. The stairs are the entrance to the second story of the old Star-Clipper building which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

These stairs were built in 1894 following a fire in the building and the need to have access to the upper floor while leaving as much space as possible in the lower portion of the building.

Visitors come to Traer to see the stairs and to have their picture taken on them.

The stairs were in poor condition and needed to be repaired. The company that had built them originally did not want to do the work, neither did any of the other ironworks that were contacted but a local (10 miles away) welder, Gary Frahm and his father, Bob, agreed to tackle the job. They completed the work, the stairs were replaced.

The Traer Historical Museum now owns the building and Stairs. The two lower level business spaces are rented out; the upstairs space is empty at the present.

Location: Second Street in Traer in the middle of the block. 

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