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Rosey Acres Winery opened October 1, 2005. The winery makes 12 different varieties of wine ranging from fruit wines to several grape wines, all fermented and hand bottled.

There is a tasting room open to the public and wine is sold on sight, as well as being in several local area grocery and gift stores. The wines are from Iowa grown grapes and fruit, which is either grown on the property or purchased from area vineyards.

The winery also participates in the Farmers Market in downtown Des Moines during the summer monthsl.

Wines available from the vineyard:
Rising Sun Red $12.00
A fine heavy red wine, peppery and full bodied, will go great with red meat dishes.

Brutus Red $12.00
A hearty and robust wine with a light touch of oak.

Runnells Red $12.00
A light bodied, fruity red wine, with a light touch of black cherry.

Eidelweiss $12.00
Sweet fruity white wine easy to drink, full of flavor Enjoy with fish or fruit

Spring Creek $12.00
Semi dry fruity style wine. Enjoy with seafood or light salads.

Rosy Red $12.00
A sweet red wine blended delicately with a touch of blackberry and just a hint of oak.

Concord $12.00
Savor the taste and flavor of good old fashioned grape wine, just the way your grandfather used to make it.

Paradise Mist $13.00
Enjoy summer all year long with the tropical fruit flavors of our Paradise Mist.

Sweet Cheeks $12.00
Fresh and fruity, bursting with flavors, which will surely bring a blush to your cheeks.

Cranberry $13.00
A sweet holiday dessert wine to enjoy with family and friends any time of the year.

Address: 102 Brown St., Runnells, Iowa

Located between Pleasant Hill and Runnells just off Highway 163 – 2477 South East 82nd Street

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


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