Grape Escape Vineyard and Winery – Pleasantville, Iowa

1648.jpg    Grape Escape Vineyard and Winery – Pleasantville, Iowa

This is the first winery in Marion County, family owned and family operated.

This winery was begun in 2003 and has continued to develop and grow ever since. The love of wine motivates the families to grow the best quality grapes and produce a wonderful selection of Iowa grown grape wines.

Simply Blush A crisp and refreshing fruity blush that is off-dry. It has a very nice tart cherry finish. It is an excellent sipping wine and should be served chilled.

Rose Ciy Red A sweet red wine that has a nice plum finish. It should be served chilled.

Simply White A semi-weet, Riesling-style, white wine with a pear flinish. Just sip and enjoy. Serve chilled.

Seyval Seyval is a crisp and light dry white wine with a citrus flavored finish. Pair with spicy dishes, complex flavors, and hard cheeses. The wine is made with Seyval grapes and should be served chilled.

Twilight A complex and bold off-dry white that will arouse every taste bud in your mouth. You can taste all 3 of the grapes in this wine, but not all at the same time. This results in a different taste with each sip. It is made from Edelweiss, LaCrosse, and Vignoles grapes and tastes like no wine you have ever tried. It pairs well with chicken, fish, and spciy food and should be served chilled.

Simply Red A medium bodied,very smooth and mellow dry red with aromas of dark cherries. Pairs with pasta, veal, pork, lamb,or beef. It is made with Marechal Foch grapes. Serve chilled or at room temperature. For a special treat, pair Simply Red with dark chocolate.

Tasting Room Hours:
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1-7 pm and by appointment

Yearly Case Production: 2,500

Tasting Room Address:1185 40th Place
Pleasantville, Iowa 50255

Winery Address: 1185 40th Place
Pleasantville, Iowa 50225

Telephone Number: (515) 848-3094 



  1. Kathy Franz says:

    Can you tell me where I can purchase the Simply White in Cedar Rapids. I accidentally bought a case of the Twilight and I’m not a dry wine drinker.

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