Iowa Speedway – Newton, Iowa

Iowa Speedway.jpg    Iowa Speedway – Newton, Iowa

The newest NASCAR track in the nation is at Newton. Season tickets are available as are one race only tickets.

The 2008 racing schedule begins in April and ends in September. For a fun, fan filled experience you will want to catch some of the races at this fabulous track.

Not only is there NASCAR racing but there is also:
Iowa Speedway Legends Cars
5/8 Scale Race Cars built by 600 Series Racing
Spec Cars from Bumper to Bumper
Yamaha 1250 c.c.
135 Horsepower
Iowa Speedway Offers Driving Instruction Class
Classes will be on select Sundays throughout the spring, summer, and fall
Cost of Legends Car: Starting Under $15,000

Iowa Speedway Street Legal Drags
All NHRA Street Legal Rules must be followed to compete at Iowa Speedway
Valid NHRA competition license is required for riders of all motorcycles running 6.39 or quicker
NHRA specified safety equipment is required
A valid driver’s license (beyond learner’s permit level) for cars and bikes
Minors (under 18) must have a minor waiver signed, in front of a track official, by a parent or legal guardian
If waiver is signed outside of the facility it must also be notarized by legal notary
Valid vehicle registration and insurance card
Drag Slicks OK
Functional seat belts
OEM For 7.36 and slower
3 inch SFI spec 16.1 mandatory for 7.35 and faster
Open headers are allowed
If using nitrous, bottle must be stamped as meeting DOT 1,800#
Roll-bar required in cars running 7.35 and faster
No cars running faster than 6.40 allowed to run Street Legal
Any OEM vehicle that has performance enhancers or power-adders installed or added to it must meet NHRA E.T. Rules for Safety
Turbo’s and Superchargers must meet E.T. requirements
Firewalls must remain as produced by manufacturer (No Alterations)
No wheelie bars
Battery must be held in by an OEM hold down or equal structure
Radiator over-flow tanks (16 ounce minimum) are required on all cars
Motorcycle riders must have leather jacket, leather boots/shoes (above the ankle), and leather gloves (Motorcycles riders going 120 mph or faster must have full leathers)

Season Ticket Prices • Upper Level (rows 1-32): $295
• Mid Level (rows 6-17): $230
• Lower Level (rows 1-5): $165

Iowa Speedway
3333 Rusty Wallace Drive
Newton, IA 50208


Directions to Iowa Speedway
From Interstate 80 – Take I-80 to exit 168 (Iowa Speedway Drive). 


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