Bill of Rights – Montezuma, Iowa


Montezuma Iowa monumnetBill of Rights – Montezuma, Iowa

Just a few steps from the entrance of the Poweshiek County Courthouse there is a monument to the first 10 amendments to the U. S. Constitution.  It is the FIRST Bill of Rights monument in the nation.

A local resident, Hazel Sig-Hester (who was 86 years old when the monument was dedicated) was responsible for making this happen.  She said she had heard about Chris Bliss, a Phoenix entertainer, who felt that there should be such a monument on the grounds of every state capital.  Well, it’s not on the grounds of the Iowa state capitol but it is now at the courthouse in Montezuma.

Other locations across the nation are considering putting monuments to the Bill of Rights where people can see it, some legislatures are actually getting behind this action with funding, but regardless, Montezuma, Iowa will always be the first to actually get it done.

Ms. Sig-Hester encouraged her local community to come back to the site on an annual basis and read their rights to remember them and to always be willing to fight for them.  Good advice from a dedicated citizen.

Location: Poweshiek County Courthouse grounds, Montezuma, Iowa.

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