Hitaga Sand Ridge Preserve – Coggon, Iowa

Hitaga flowers.jpgHitaga Sand Ridge Preserve – Coggon, Iowa

Just south of Camp Hitaga visitors can look at a rare phenomena for the state of Iowa—wild cacti growing and surviving on sand dunes. This type of thing occurs only in six or seven places in the state. It is felt that the sand and the cacti were trapped in this area over 16,000 years ago. The preserve is home to several unique species of flora and fauna in addition. One can also look at some rare geological formations. Prickly pear cacti grow in numerous clusters on the property. The staff members at the Preserve are working to enhance the number of cacti growing on the dunes. Access to various portions of the preserve is only on foot.

Admission – None

Directions – take Highway 13 toward Central City and then turn west on Paris Rd. and south on Hitaga Road

Hours – dawn to dusk

Phone – (319) 892-6450 (Linn County Conservation)

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