Communal Agriculture Museum – South Amana, Iowa

agmuseum.jpg    Communal Agriculture Museum – South Amana, Iowa

This unusual collection is housed in one of South Amana’s oldest barns in South Amana, Iowa. Constructed c. 1860 to house oxen in later years the barn sheltered horses. The huge beams, hewn from native timber, using mortise and tenon construction.

The exhibits contains agricultural implements used on Amana’s communal farms. There are artifacts such as equipment for planting, plowing and harvesting; haymaking equipment; road graders; tools and equipment for livestock management. There are photographs and informational pieces showing the life and times of the farming community as it was years ago.

Location: 505 P Street., South Amana, IA

Hours: 12-5 Monday through Friday, 10-5 Saturday, and 12-4 Sunday CLOSED OCTOBER-APRIL.

Phone: (319) 622-3567

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