Iowa Mennonite School – Kalona, Iowa

Mennonite School.jpg Iowa Mennonite School – Kalona, Iowa

Local church leaders in the early-mid 1940s saw the need for a Mennonite high school. Using donated land from an area farmer, the campus was formed. Classes were held for the first time in the fall of 1945 outside of Kalona, Iowa. 

Mennonites are a group of committed believers in Jesus Christ. Though the name is derived from an early Anabaptist leader during the European Reformation, Mennonites desire to be a church based on the foundation of Jesus Christ. They believe Jesus is the model of Godly life and therefore seek to follow him in all of life.

The purpose of Iowa Mennonite School is to provide a quality high school education that will encourage and enable each student to become a more informed, skilled and compassionate disciple within the body of Christ. In an atmosphere of a caring community of faculty, staff, parents and church, students will be encouraged to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ as interpreted in Anabaptist/Mennonite theology.

Location: 1421 540th Street Sw, Kalona, IA

Phone: (319)656-2073 

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