Hoover Nature Trail – Burlington to Cedar Rapids, Iowa

nature trail.jpgHoover Nature Trail – Burlington to Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Iowa has a large number of nature trails. The Hoover Nature Trail joins with the ADT system which opens up more than 512 miles of trails.

Going from Burlington, Iowa to Cedar Rapids, Iowa the Hoover Nature Trail, a former rail line, heads north through Nichols and West Liberty, the Hoover Nature Trail passes through West Branch, the birthplace of President Hoover and the site of his memorial library. Continuing north, the Hoover Nature Trail goes through Oasis, Morse, Solon, and Ely and into Cedar Rapids, where the ADT is on the metro trail system. Cedar Rapids is noted as the road-building-machinery capital of the world and the home of the world’s largest cereal mill.

Detailed Trail Description access from the Hoover Nature Trail:
The trail is divided into 6 segments totaling 512 miles, mostly existing rail-trails:
Davenport to Cedar Rapids — 97 miles
Cedar Rapids to Waterloo — 62 miles
Waterloo to Marshalltown — 79 miles
Marshalltown to Des Moines — 81 miles
Des Moines to Atlantic — 117 miles
Atlantic to Council Bluffs (Nebraska state line) – 76 miles

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