Kalona Historical Village – Kalona, Iowa

 Kalonahistorical.jpg   Kalona Historical Village – Kalona, Iowa

Kalona Historical Village – Kalona, Iowa is a cluster of historical buildings to remind the visitor of the past of this Amish and Mennonite community.

The Wahl Museum is a monument to the businesses, crafts, tools, and artistry that made Kalona. It features an early telephone switch board (pictured), what a newspaper office used to look like, art glass, a display of rare padlocks, and much more.

Quilt and Textile Museum exhibits highlight Kalona’s trademark craft, and especially the thirty historic quilts from 1840-1950 put together by noted collector Marilyn Woodin.

The Iowa Mennonite Museum and Archives is a rich repository of Mennonite records, past and present. The shuttle loom pictured here is fully operational, and is still used by Mennonite artisans.

The Reif Family Mineral and Rock Display is also housed in the new Visitor’s Center. Along with spectacular crystals and gems from the region, it contains the "Holy City," a striking and most literal interpretation of Revelations 21-22.

open Monday through Saturday -Summer Hours 10-4 -Winter Hours 11-3

Admission $6.00 per person
Children 7-12 $2.50 – 6 & under Free
Maximum Family Fee of $20.00

Phone: (319)656-2519 


  1. I am not a Mennonite, but love the Mennonite people for their loving dispositions and am very close to their beliefs. Although I believe in baptism by immersion. I think the covering is a womans hair and not necessarily the hat,( but I am not against the lovely white caps.) I love their simple lifestyle and ways. Wishing I had a Mennonite friend. I am moving to Iowa In June with my son. Would enjoy Mennonite neighbors.

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