Pine Creek Grist Mill – Muscatine, Iowa

Pine Creek Mill.jpg Pine Creek Grist Mill – Muscatine, Iowa

Located at Wild Cat Den Start Park, Muscatine, Iowa, was built in 1848 by Benjamin Nye. Mr. Nye came west from Massachusetts and settled in the new frontier along the mighty Mississippi River.

Other than occasional repairs, the mill has not been tampered with since the late 1920′s. It is a virtual museum of the machinery of various milling processes used between 1848 and 1929.

The 40 x 45′ main portion of the 3.5 story mill connected with a 35 x 45′ slopped roof 2 story addition make up the building.

The mill is powered by a 20 HP water turbine located in the basement.
During times of low water, a estimated 40 HP steam engine powered the mill.

Originally there was a tall sheet metal chimney for the boiler located on the left hand portion of the building.

The building is constructed of hand cut native oak beams using mortise and tendon joints connected with wooden pegs.

Pine Creek Mill originally had two sets of millstones and produced flour from locally grown wheat. The mill used a milling process called “New Process” in the trade. When this technology became obsolete, the mill was completely reequipped in the 1880’s with the latest “state of the art” milling technology (of 1880!).

The “new” mill has three almost completely separate plants in it. The main plant is a “three stand” double roller mill for the production of wheat flour. This plant occupies all floors of the mill. A single stand triple roller milling plant was added for corn milling and a set of 36” grind stones installed for the production of Buckwheat flour.

The three flour milling roller mills. Each machine has two separate mills in it. They are driven by a line shaft in the basement below them.

Location: 1884 Wildcat Den Rd., Muscatine, IA

Museum Hours: June 12-Sept 11: Sun: 1-5 pm

Admissions: Free

Phone: 319-263-4337

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