Old Capitol – Iowa City, Iowa

old_capital.jpg Old Capitol – Iowa City, Iowa -

When Old Capitol’s cornerstone was laid on Independence Day in 1840, Iowa City became the first "permanent" capital of Iowa. In Old Capitol, Iowa made the transition to statehood. Here, the first governor was inaugurated, the first six Iowa general assemblies met, and the state’s constitution—still the fundamental law of the state—was drafted.

Since 1857 Old Capitol has been a focal point of the University, serving as library, chapel, and armory and providing space for classrooms and offices as the University grew.

See where Iowa Legislatures met, the tiny (compared to todays capital) rooms they worked in, the small press area and all other areas that made the capital function.

Tours are available of the Capital.

Location: Address: 3219 Hudson Road, Iowa City, Iowa

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