In The Future – Captain Kirk’s Birthplace – Riverside, IA

riverside1.jpgIn the Future -Captain Kirk’s Birthplace – Riverside, IA

The future will hold the exciting birth of Captain James Kirk of the Starship Enterprise in Riverside, Iowa! Riverside is where interstate 380 ends and "the Trek Begins," or so says a sign as you exit. James T. Kirk, captain of the starship Enterprise, will be born here on March 22, 2233.

A scale model of the "USS Riverside," which bears a remarkable (but not legally indemnible) resemblance to the USS Enterprise, is docked in the town square. As any Trekker worth his dilithium crystals would know, Captain Kirk proudly admitted that he was from Iowa (Episode #40, Stardate 3478.2, "The Deadly Affair", which first aired in 1967.

Every June, thousands of Trek fiends from all over the galaxy descend (or beam in, depending on your point of view) on Riverside for a weekend of parades, costume contests, and music. If you are a Trekker you will certainly want to be involved in this small town celebration which will bring a smile to your face for years to come! Dress the part of your favorite character, get into the spirit of the event.

Although Riverside is a small town the entertainment will be worth the drive from Mt. Pleasant or other surrounding community.

Directions: Hwy. 218, 20 mi. south of I-80/Iowa City or 40 mi. north of Mt. Pleasant.

Hours: Time Capsule Bldg. open M-F 9-11

Phone: 319-648-KIRK 

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