The Barn Museum – South Amana, Iowa

barn museum.jpg The Barn Museum – South Amana, Iowa

The Barn Museum in South Amana, Iowa has displays comprised of a wide variety of structures-beautiful detail in miniature, the largest collection of minuatures in the world.

Henry Moore has created a typical Amana village combining Amana, Middle, East, West, High, South and Homestead into one complex with granaries, homes, barns, wash houses and other typical outbuildings. These are displayed on the first floor of the Barn Museum.

The little homes have curtains, barns have pens, mangers, movable stanchions. On the roof of the granary a squirrel is trying to gain access. In the back yards, clothes dry on the line. Window panes in the little buildings are made of glass. The Amana Granary has 2,290 pieces of wood and 200 screws, and an Amana barn is constructed with 9,897 nails in drilled holes to keep the wood from splitting.

Following a scale of one inch to one foot, Mini-Americana is a unique display
of over 200 miniatures that depict the history of rural America. Each
building, an exact replica of an original structure either past or present,
took an average of six months to complete. Each exhibit is finished in
complete detail, inside and out: Shingles are fashioned from real cedar,
siding is worked to exact proportions, and window panes are made of real
glass. Houses have curtains; the blacksmith shop has a forge; and the barns
have pens, mangers and even movable stanchions. Activities abound from
fertile imaginations.

It’s a family experience. Take the opportunity to see this wonderful, educational display.

Location: Just off highway 6 in South Amana, Iowa

Open April though October Daily 9-5

Admission Charged

Phone: 319-622-3058

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