Ackerman Winery – Amana, Iowa

ackermanwinery.jpg    Ackerman Winery – Amana, Iowa

The Ackerman Winery is one of a few located in the Amana Colonies. This winery opened in 1956.

Production of wine at the Ackerman Winery runs around 15,000 gallons a year. The wines vary from fruit wines to grape varieties. There are 3 locations for sampling the Ackerman wines in the Amana’s. 

There are 14 varieties of fruit wine. Cranberry being the most popular. The fruit wines are a sweeter wine, more on the order of a dessert wine. There are three fruit blended wines to satisfy those with a desire for contrasts in flavors. There are 6 grape wines ranging in flavor from the sweet to the very dry.

The Ackermans have won over 300 awards for their wine in the past few years.

Ackerman Winery Heritage Wine & Cheese Haus
4406 220th Trail
Amana, Iowa 52203 Amana, Iowa 52203

Phone: 319.622.3379 Phone: 319.622.3564

Hours: Mon-Sat, 9-5 Mon-Sat, 9-5 Sun, 10-5

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