Family Museum Of Arts And Science, Bettendorf, Iowa

familymuseum.gif    Family Museum Of Arts And Science, Bettendorf, Iowa

Busy Bodies: Healthy Choices — This 1300 square-foot permanent exhibit is meant for children ages 5-12. It features interactive stations that explore the human body in five areas—nutrition and health, exercise and fitness, human physiology, blood donation, and tobacco and alcohol abuse.

Amazing Acres — Learn about weather and agriculture! Touch a 10-foot tornado, create a cloud, and learn about precipitation from local meteorologists. Shop in the convenience store and pump bio-fuel at the station. Climb a tree house, crawl through the giant tree trunk, or plant vegetables in the garden.. "Drive" a John Deere combine cab through the cornfields at harvest time.

Rhythm Alley — This gallery rocks with sound, music and a psychedelic shawdowbox called Split Images. The Wacky Mirrors interactive exhibit takes your image and breaks it up in ways that will amaze you. Make your own kind of music on a Clavinova or with a bicycle wheel in a whimsical area called Happenstanza. Music Makers features five kinds of music and stories about key people who make the music happen. Dancing lights, a pinball music machine, the pentaphone and musical gizmos are all part of this up-beat world of musical adventures.

The Garden — The under-age 5 set will be attracted to this child’s garden of fun created especially for them. Imaginations will run wild in the two-story Bear’s Playhouse, the "sand" table (filled with small plastic beads,) velcro wall, foam building blocks, activity areas with age-appropriate toys, and a bird’s nest just right for putting on wings, climbing into and perching on eggs nestled inside. A climbing maze will amaze the little ones. Parents and caregivers can gather and interact while the children explore and learn.

"Kingdom for Kids" Playground — For active kids of all ages, the outdoor "Kingdom for Kids" Playground, has things to climb, slide down, swing across, go up and down and slither around. Sponsored and built by Saturn Corporation with design help by local youngsters, the playground is the centerpiece of the courtyard which also features a natural amphitheater, gazebo picnic area, outdoor program area and floral plantings. A new waterplay facility called "Grandpa’s Fountain" lets kids have wet fun with faucets, buckets, troughs, bowls, funnels and floating toys. The courtyard is open whenever weather permits

Directions: 2900 Learning Campus Drive, Bettendorf, Iowa 52722

Hours: Mon. – Thur., 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. • Fri. & Sat., 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. • Sun., noon – 5 p.m.

Admission fee: $5 for visitors ages 2-59; $2 for visitors ages 60+; Age 1 and under and members are admitted free.

Phone: (563)-344-4106 Fax: (563) 344-4164 

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