Eden Valley Refuge – Baldwin, Iowa

 edenvalley.jpg   Eden Valley Refuge – Baldwin, Iowa -

Eden Valley Refuge offers a refreshing and natural experience for the visitor. The limestone bluffs and forested hills teem with plant and animal life. The park’s 201 acres are nestled along the banks of Bear Creek.

The park serves as an outdoor classroom for many area school children. The different land and water habitats allow for unique and varying learning opportunities. School programs are conducted autumn through spring and require advance reservations. Non-school group programs are also available.

Wildflower hikes, night hikes, recreational activities, and other environmental events are available at the park. Session dates and times are broadcast on the local radio stations or may be obtained by calling the park ranger.

The nature center at Eden Valley is designed to interpret and serve as a gateway to Eden Valley Refuge. Displays and educational exhibits may be viewed during public hours.

Approximately four miles of hiking trails wind their way through the park, including over a swinging bridge. The Bear Creek Nature Trail takes take you along the stream and other trails take you to the beautiful back valley.

Camping enthusiasts may utilize the modern campground on the banks of Bear Creek. Non-electric sites are $7 per night and electric sites are $12. Primitive campground is located in the back valley for those who prefer to backpack their gear in, site are free. Youth Groups may camp at the rate of $2 per tent in designated sites. Restrooms are located in both camping areas as well as by the nature center. Water is available at the throughout the main campground.

The Bunkhouse (is available for use by registration through the Board Office at a cost of $40 per night with $100 deposit.   It sleeps twelve and includes wood burner, range, refrigerator, air conditioning, sleeping loft, vinyl sleeping mats, electricity, and seclusion. Guest must pack their gear into the Bunkhouse 1/8 mile into the park.

2 small semi-modern rental cabins – $25/day w/AC, + $100deposit, includes four bunks, refrigerator, electricity and elevated deck.   Located next to the Nature Center.

The picnic shelter is free to use, but it is $15 to reserve.

Camp Iowa address at Park: 1415 – 50th Avenue Baldwin, Iowa

Phone: Call 563-847-7202.

Location: approximately two miles south of the town of Baldwin


  1. Cassandra Collins says:

    Eden Valley is one of my most favorite places on this earth! I hope it retains its old-growth woods feel and doesn’t become a “tourist attraction” for people who don’t know how to treat nature. I’m in California but when I was last there in 2002, there were beer cans and trash on the path into the park. Very sad!

  2. Dennis Eden says:

    Local Boy Scouts were here in 2009. Place has phenomenal natural beauty. The bunkhouse is are absolutely perfect. Did see a little trash along the trails, but no worse than any other park. Maquoketa Caves State park is a short drive away, but is often full and is a big tourist draw. Eden valley would be a more secluded option to the state park. Anyone who think Iowa is flat needs to spend some time here.

  3. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL !

  4. Stephanie says:

    I love Eden Valley myself. But honestly, charging us to camp when we have to hike back to our sites and only two available sites in the park which were free in the recent past? This is ridiculous and makes my blood boil to no end. Its only two dollars more expensive to camp right across the street where there’s water, electricity and showers and parking…. Can’t you just let us have one good, nice place to camp and enjoy being outdoors with friends and family with out having to spend 30$ (since there is a weekend minimum stay of two nights at 13$ a night)!? Not to mention that if you don’t reserve the sites 3 days in advance your just S-O-L. You would really rather have no one stay in your park at all then to just let people reserve the sites when they want to go? YOU ARE DUMB!
    -PO’d Campers

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