Eastern Iowa Tourism Association adds Lippincott as executive member

FAIRFIELD, IOWA — Southeast Iowa will have a stronger foothold in tourism as Rustin Lippincott assumes an executive position with the Eastern Iowa Tourism Association.

Lippincott accepted the position of Vice President of Membership.

He will coordinate the new membership efforts and membership relations.

Communities and organizations with membership can apply for grants, be promoted on the website and in tourism brochures.

“It really helps our cause. The more people we have beating our drum of tourism and the tourism expenditures that come along with that which helps our economy,” Lippincott said.

He will continue to serve as the executive director of Fairfield’s Convention and Visitors Bureau.

He said member receive a regional boost.

“It really helps small communities and business like Fairfield and the Arts and Convention Center and the Visitors Bureau. It helps us leverage our resources to really expand and reach the larger tourism markets that we need to reach to survive,” Lippincott said.

Lippincott said Iowa needs to utilize its best recourse, its people.

“The number one reason people travel in Iowa is to visit family and friends so if we can create a friend network and that network then beats the drum of tourism in Southeast Iowa, we all win.

Lippincott has previously served the Association as Vice President of Education and most recently, VP of Marketing.

The Eastern Iowa Tourism Association is one of Iowa’s three tourism regions, formed by the Iowa Department of Economic Development. Eastern Iowa Tourism Association represents a 28 county area and has a membership base of 260 members.

Eastern Iowa Tourism Association adds Lippincott as executive member

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