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Ideas for Family Summer Vacations in Iowa with your Kids

There are fifty states to choose from when you plan your family summer vacation. Why should you choose Iowa? Well, for one thing, it’s a relatively inexpensive place to visit with your family. Whether you fly or drive, its central location in the United States makes it a place that’s easy to reach whether you’re coming from a neighboring state for the weekend of somewhere further away for a longer trip. And Iowa is a great state for spending some quality time with your family since it offers a lot of opportunities for scenic drives (and those fun car games) as well as camping and other outdoor family activities.

Scenic drives

Scenic drives are a great travel idea for many families. If you pack and plan right, those hours in the car can be enjoyable for everyone. After all, they’re conducive to some real family time spent talking, playing games and singing along with the radio. Additionally, those drives let you explore new parts of the country (or your own backyard!) with some real attention to what’s around you. Iowa is great for this because it is filled with scenic byways and old historic routes where you can not only see new terrain but also learn something about the past on your trip.

Take a Train

Rather than doing the driving yourself, you can see some of these scenic landscape by taking a train ride through Iowa with your kids. There is a fifteen mile scenic train (Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad) which provides a nice day activity for the whole family. Longer train trips can be taken on commercial train routes throughout the state.

Outdoor Experiences

The summer weather in Iowa is usually pleasant, giving your family the opportunity to spend some together in the great outdoors. Families who enjoy camping together, away from the technology that keeps us all tuned out to one another, will find that they have the chance to really spend time together during their Iowa vacation. The state parks of Iowa are a great place to start with such adventures. These also include many lakes so families that really want to get that summer experience of fishing and swimming together can do so here.

Des Moines

Perhaps you’re looking for a little bit more adventure during your Iowa family vacation. Maybe you want to combine the rural activity during the week with a weekend jaunt to something more active. Head to Des Moines for some more urban activity than what you’ll find throughout the rest of the state. Spend a day at Adventureland Amusement Park where rides, water slides, and live entertainment can be found. Head to the Blank Park Zoo to see some exotic animals. Or do some space adventuring at the laser dome and planetarium at the Science Center of Iowa.

Here are more ideas for Family Vacations in Iowa!

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Ideas for Family Summer Vacations in Iowa with your Kids « Family …

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