Paying for my little ones to travel?

I’ll be traveling with my two daughters in december one way to Iowa.I was tolled by the travel agancy if your child is two or over the age of two you most buy them their own ticket. Ok,thats fine. But my youngest one is still under the age of two and wont be two until march.So i shouldnt have to buy her a ticket right? If anyone can fill me in on the traveling guide lines of traveling with little ones that would be really cool, and thanks.

Paying for my little ones to travel?


  1. We traveled with a very little one last year at this time and were told that children need to be at least 14 days to fly, under that they need a doctor’s note. From there up until 2yrs of age a child can either purchase a ticket for a seat or sit on an adult’s lap.

    Things may have changed since then. I would contact the airline on which you hope to travel and ask their policy. We used Southwest. Good luck and happy travels.

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