Hemken Collection – Williams, Iowa

 packard.jpg   Hemken Collection – Williams, Iowa

In this car museum are showcased 1947 and 1948 American convertibles and car memorabilia. The museum especially features Packards of that era.

Vintage car enthusiasts will enjoy this museum featuring American convertibles of marques ranging from Chevys to Lincolns to Hudsons to Packards from 1947 and 1948. The cars comprise the nucleus of the collection of Daryl Hemken, housed in downtown Williams, which is north of Des Moines on I-35.

The collection now contains 20 different convertibles form 1947 and 1948. One each from all American makers.

The emphasis in the museum is on conservation rather than restoration. Most of the autos are in basically original condition, as they were when driven. Cars in the museum will be rotated among the 100 or so available, making an ever-changing display possible. From 1958 until the present, cars were purchased only if they had special features, i.e. body style, limited production, fresh-air heater, twin ignition, etc.

The Hemken Collection is open April through October by appointment. Admission: $4/person. Groups: $3/person.

Directions – on Main Street in Williams which is on U. S. Highway 20 east of U. S. Interstate Highway 35

Hours – by appointment, April – October

Phone – (515) 854-2749 

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