Bonebright Museum Complex – Webster City, Iowa

    bonebright_museum.jpgBonebright Museum Complex – Webster City, Iowa

An Illinois Central Railroad Depot has been restored and it anchors a complex of historical buildings and sites. These have been located on a 9-acre site near Brewer Creek and have been placed here to recreate the history of Hamilton County.

On the grounds visitors can tour the restored Harmony School and Mulberry Center Church. There are also two pioneer cabins and a burial mound.

Admission – None

Directions – go west from Webster City and take State Highway 17

Phone – (515) 832-1301


  1. cliff anderson says:

    We are going to be in Webster City, Iowa, on Sunday Aug 15, my family came from there and we would like to do some family history, is there a family history area that is open on a Sunday, please provide me with any information u can.

    Thank You

  2. I was unable to find any place that is open on Sunday that may be able to help you in your search.

  3. The old courthouse is totally haunted I’ve heard that when the city goes in and cleans it they hear noises and weird stuff happens! Sometimes when people drive by they see people walkin past in the window. Many people drive around the historical site & hear noises mostly coming from the old courthouse! No knows for sire who the ghosts are!

  4. George Johnston says:

    The complex is located north of the junction of higway 20 and 17 on Superior street at the bottom of the hill. The best way to find information out in Webster City is to call the Kendall Young Library at 515-832-9100. The Court House at the complex is definently haunted. The people that run the depot complex have had people come in and do paranormal studies at the complex of all the buildings. The one with the most activity is the court house and there is also alot of activity at the cemetery on the grounds.

  5. Karen Brewer says:

    I find it amusing that after the admission it states “none”. We found out that is very true on Sept 17, 2011. We were to have a Brewer family reunion at the park and had anticipated we would be “allowed” to visit the home of our Grandparents, Wilson & Margaret Brewer. After arriving we were informed there was no key to open the door to the cabin. I was at the park on Heritage Day just a few weeks ago and the door was unlocked. It makes me wonder who is guarding the gate when a key can’t be located. We relocated due to unfavorable weather it was a great diapointment but we did have a good reunion. Maybe by the next reunion the key will be found.

  6. Linda House (Gramblin) says:

    We came one day to see the old courthouse that my grandparents lived in for many years. We also lived with them at different times. We found the door open and no one around. We were glad to get in but wondered why it was not locked.

    I also am interested in the paranormal activity going on there. I would love to come when the paranormal team comes back around halloween but not sure of day and time. My grandparents (Jerry and Rose House) were both living in the house when they passed away so wonder if they continue to live there in spirit.

  7. My grandparents were caretakers of the museum and grounds when I was very young. Before they left, gram made a point of inventorying everything at the site because she was certain things would disappear. Last I heard she was right and many of the museum items are “lost”, most likely sold or put in private collections. It’s too bad, the museum should be put back to its original state. There were so many great things to see in there.

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