Hayden Prairie in Iowa – Chester, Iowa

haydenprairie.jpg    Hayden Prairie in Iowa – Chester, Iowa

240 acres of natural prairie land just like it was 160 years ago!

In the early days of Iowa the land was covered with prairie grasses and flowers. As time moved forward the land was converted to corn, soybeans, pasture land and industry. The prairie land disappeared from the landscape.

This 240 acre site has been restored to the way it was before development. There are no fences or gravel roads in view and you can imagine what it was like over 160 years ago.

Take a trip to the area, see the countless varieties of flowers and grasses growing and blooming, from big blue stem to purple prairie clover to yellow star grass which varies with each season. The prairie is profligate, and wildly beautiful, from early spring to autumn.

Located: South of Chester on County Road V26. 


  1. i love that place

  2. If you live in Iowa, or really anywhere else, you should go to Hayden Prairie. Here is my first time impression- the thing below my feet at every step is so intricate and beautiful, it changes every week, or day, or minute, to complicate matters, every little change in the slope of the ground is a minute change in what is there, multiply that with the variance in seasons, and that influence on what could be here, then my eyes look out from the hill where I am standing, and really witness what this land used to be. Back, in the day, all of the row cropped fields that I can see used to be what I am standing on.

    Iowa, the altered state. 92% of Iowa used to be what Hayden Prairie is now. Iowa has undergone one of the most massive man made land alterations in the shortest time in the history of this earth. From nearly all prairie 90+% to less than five tenths of one percent, in a span of seven decades is both degrading (excuse the pun) and heroic in it’s totality.

    Thus goes my prairie writing practice.

    All The best


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