Karl L. King Museum – Fort Dodge, Iowa

Karl King Wagon.jpgKarl L. King Museum – Fort Dodge, Iowa

A baritone player with the Robinson’s Famous Circus this musical talent turned his life into a gift for all musicians by composing music that matched the rhythm of the circus acts and compsoing marches intended expecially for schools.  He also composed waltzes, overtures and other musical selections.

After coming off the road with the circus, King settled in Fort Dodge where he formed the Karl King Band.  This band gave concerts in the afternoons and evenings and accompanied the vaudeville acts propular during that era.

Creating over 300 musical works King finally put his pen down after 50 years.  Because of the great gift he gave the world the city has the Karl L. King Museum in the Fort Dodge Public Libray for everyone to enjoy.

Karl L. King – Born February 21, 1891  Died March 31, 1971

Cost: Free admission

Locaiton: Fort Dodge Public Library, on the City Square, 424 Central Avenue
Fort Dodge, IA 50501

Open: The Museum is open all year

Phone: 712-297-8193

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