Blackhawk Bridge – Lansing, Iowa

blackhawkbridge.gif    Blackhawk Bridge – Lansing, Iowa

This bridge was completed in 1931, crossing the Mississippi River with a design that has attracted not only local but national attention for it’s beauty.

The Black Hawk Bridge spans the Mississippi River, joining the town of Lansing
to rural Crawford County, Wisconsin. Named for Chief Black Hawk, it is popularly referred to as the "Lansing bridge".

This riveted cantilever through truss bridge was started in 1929 and completed in 1931. It carries Iowa Highway 9 and WI 82.

As with so many of the bridges of this era the bridge is at the end of its useful life. It has been suggested that some fixes are possible extending its life into the 2020s, but ultimately, the bridge has to be replaced. The local community has been working to get approval and funding to upgrade the bridge and light it at night. It would be wonderful to be able to retain this piece of history for future generations to see.


  1. Gerald R. Sandry says:

    Iowa and Wisconsin should be working everyday to come up with the money to replace this bridge. It is still safe to the lighter traffic but the trucks are getting bigger and longer and heaver . The only place to build a new bridge is along side of the present one as they need the higth to go over the railroad tracks. If they would close the bridge and not replace it Lansing would suffer economic
    disaster, along with the Villages of De Soto and Ferryville. Many of the people
    work at the factory and other retail stores. They also shop for all of their daily needs in Lansing. Please don’t let this bridge be closed.

    G. R. Sandry

  2. Randy J Robertson says:

    Ditto! to the words of a great man “Gerald Sandry” who gave of himself to the welfare of his neighbors his whole life. A bridge to Lansing Iowa is vital to the economic well being of countless buisnesses and individuals.

  3. I’ve been to Iowa before it is beutiful this bridge is magnificent i’m recentley doing a project on this bridge i picked it because it is beautiful you did a really good job on the website i will love to learn more about it though

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