Ice House Museum – Cedar Falls, Iowa


Ice House Museum – Cedar Falls, Iowa featuring items used in cutting, harvesting, storing, selling and the use of natural ice. Blocks of "ice" are stacked as they would have been in the ice house with the tools used by the men who delivered ice to homes and businesses throughout the area.

Life-sized photos of two early ice men along with several different types of ice-boxes, a large two-horse ice wagon, original photos and an information panel that explains the process of cutting ice, help visitors to understand this unusual industry that existed in almost every town in America in the last half of the 1800′s and early 1900′s. A scale model of the ice house in the early 1920′s is also featured.

The kitchen highlights an ice box with an "outside" door for ice deliveries, a coal range, pie safe, and cistern pump. An outhouse and other "conveniences" of that time show what life was in the early days of the 20th century.

Hours: Ice House Museum: May 1-Oct 31, Wed, Sat, Sun 2-4:30.

Location: Franklin St. at West 1st Street

Information: 319-266-5149

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