“R” Little Red School House Museum – Cedar Falls, Iowa

little_red.jpg“R” Little Red School House Museum – Cedar Falls, Iowa Bennington Township Schoolhouse #5: representative of the more than 9,000 rural schools that once dotted the state.

This school house was built in 1909 by the local residents for their children. The Black Hawk County Conservation Board purchased the building in 1966 for $1,000 from Donald Sage. It was moved to Black Hawk Park in 1968 and given a new foundation and roof. In 1987 it was decided that the school needed a new home. A site was designated in the Riverfront Beautification area near the Ice House Museum at First and Clay Streets. The building was moved on October 6, 1988.

The old school was originally white and is now painted red. This historical building is equipped with a bell tower and bell, blackboards, pot-bellied stove, old desks, books and other furnishings typical of its earlier days.

The school has summer session each year where children from first through sixth grade can experience what it would have been like to go to a one room country school in the early 1900s. The hours are from 9:00 am until 12:30 pm and the children bring their own lunch. The cost is $ 50 for the entire week. Call the Cedar Falls Historical Society for more information and to register. 266-5149. or evenings call 266-6195 .Register early as there is only room for 20 students at each session.

Location: 1st & Clay St, Cedar Falls

Phone: 319-266-5149 for information

Hours of Operation: May 1-Oct 15, Wed, Sat, Sun 2-4:30.

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