Seed Saver’s Exchange – Decorah, Iowa

Seed Savers.jpgSeed Saver’s Exchange – Decorah, Iowa

Heirloom seeds, rare varieties of vegetables, fruits and grains handed down within families of gardeners for generations. Available for all to grow.

Over 11,000 endangered varieties of garden seeds are being saved from extinction. Founded in 1975 the Seed Saver’s Exchange has more than 8,000 members, some of them grow the varieties to amake the seeds available to SSE and the public.

Seed Saver’s also owns and operates the 170 acre Heritage Farm which serves as heirloom-vegetable patch, rare-fruit orchard and headquarters for the organization.

There are daily tours available for both the Preservation Gardens and Historic Orchard throughout the growing season.

Location: 3076 NOrth Winn Rd. Decorah, Iowa
From the junction of Highway 9 and US 52 drive 5.5 miles north on US 52. Turn right on North Winn Rd. (W-34) and proceed 1 mile to the visitor parking sign.

Open: Memorial Day to October from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Phone: 563-382-5990 


  1. Tracey Manson says:

    please send me a catalog!!! Evidently, I turned everyone I know onto your “farm,” but no longer receive your catalog. My mom and I would like to visit your facility, but were planning to be in Decorah in October for the Artist Tour….will you be closed during that weekend?

    Address for catalog:
    Tracey Manson
    11587 NW 107th Ct.
    Granger, IA 50109

    Thank You!

  2. Hi Tracey,
    We have forwarded your message on to the exchange and requested that they respond to you directly.
    Thank you for contacting

    Pat Watson

  3. Jeneane Marshall says:

    I am looking for f a flower bulb for a flower called rain Lilies They are small pink flowers and I grew them in a flower pot. Each fall i took them in and put them in the basement till the ext spring. I forgot to take them in last year and the bulbs rotted. The flower is small, dainty but oh so pretty. I bought them at a flower sale at Duck Creek ladge in Davenport. The flower was called Marcia’s Rain Lilies. The note on them said that the womans Grandmother had them and passed the bulbs on to her. If you could help me find them that would be great.

    Jeneane Marshall
    Bettendorf, IA

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