Granny Basketball – Lansing, Iowa


Granny Basketball – Lansing, Iowa
How neat to see women’s basketball back on the scene as it was in the 20′ and 30′s. For over 50 only women!

This organization is for women over 50 that still want to play basketball, be fit and enjoy themselves while helping others.

Granny Basketball players donate their time to play. They have games from January thru May around the state and have the joy of watching more and more people want to get a team together in other areas of the state.

There are teams in Hiawatha, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Lansing, Williamsburg, Indianola, Robins, Ossian, Waverly and the list continues to grow as the knowledge of the league spreads.

The schedule for their games is listed on the web site for They even have a state tournament.

The Official Granny Basketball Rules (Abreviated version)

1. A team consists of two guards, two forwards, and one or two centers, all of whom remain in their designated court. The coach may play if otherwise qualified.
2. The floor is divided into three courts.
3. No running or jumping. (Hurrying is allowed).
4. Two dribbles per possession per player.
5. No physical contact.
6. Alternate possession after tie-ups.
7. A game consists of 8 minute quarters with a continuous clock.
8. One time out per team per quarter
7. Three fouls only are allowed. Players are disqualified after the third foul and are not replaced. The game may continue with not fewer than 5 players.
8. 3 points are scored for underhand shots; 2 points for other field goals; 1 point for free throws.
9. No upper arms or legs may be revealed.
10. In case of a tie after regulation play, an additional 4 minute period is played. Each team is allowed one time out during the overtime period.

The uniforms are the same style as was worn in the 1920′s. No bare arms or legs may show.

Get out and support this fabulous group of women that decided to do something besides watch TV!

Contact: Barbara McPherson, Director
Granny Basketball League
PO Box 151
Lansing, IA 52151

Email: or

Phone: 563-538-4016 or 319-389-7174 (cell)

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