Peterson Point Historical Farmstead – Wallingford, Iowa

Peterson Point Historical Farmstead – Wallingford, Iowa

Peterson Point FarmsteadLocated near Wallingford, Iowa, the Peterson family homesteaded on the eastern shore of High Lake and a log cabin was built on the farm in 1866. Twenty-nine years later a stone addition was built; parts of the original cabin are still visible. Before that time the Petersons had constructed a sturdy barn with a foundation of native stone and handhewn beams from native trees. It included a hayloft. 

Also on the property was a combination blacksmith shop-carpentry shed in which son Nels Peterson conducted a neighborhood business that served many farmers. Many of the tools he made are on display at the Emmet County Historical Society Museum in Estherville.

The Petersons were friendly with member of the Winnebago tribe and they would camp in the area near High Lake to hunt and fish. Even now Peterson Point is a good place from which to watch birds.

The county conservation board and a private foundation manage the property.

Admission – None

Directions – east of Wallingford near the intersection of County Roads N40 and A54.

Wallingford, Iowa 51365

Phone – (712) 867-4496 or (712) 362-2011  

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