School House and Post Office – West Bend, Iowa

School House West BendSchool House and Post Office – West Bend, Iowa 

Restored for the educational experience of today, the School House in West Bend, Iowa was placed in West Bend in 1976. The Post Office was also restored and located next to the school.

Palo Alto County’s first one-room school offers both young and old the opportunity to travel back in time. Take the time to learn how things were done when the one room school was the educational option for pioneer children and into the early 20th century.

Want to stay in touch with your family and friends? Then the Post Office was the way it was done. No e-mail or phones, beautifully written letters expressing the times were mailed from the post office.

Location – 101 3rd St SE, West Bend IA 50597  


  1. Ray Stransky says:

    I have been working on Genealogy and not one can help me with old school records.
    I am looking for a student Elizabeth Ann Bridget in Monona county and then Lakeport twp, Woodbury ares in 1867-1882 and then the near section 23 in Woodbury twp, Woodbury from 1890-1905 for her children, Fred, Frank, Tina, Charles.

    I was wondering if you have any records of early schools.

  2. I have forwarded your request to the chamber in West Bend and requested that they contact you directly. Good luck with your search!

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