Camp Algona POW Museum – Algona, Iowa

Camp Algona POW MuseumCamp Algona POW Museum – Algona, Iowa The camp consisted of 178 buildings for the Prisoners of War from Germany. The 287 acres is just 2 miles west of Algona. It housed up to 10,000 German prisoners of war from 1944 through 1946.

The prisoners were paid $.10 an hour for their work in the economic development of the area. At the museum there are letters from prisoners stating that they were well treated while at the camp.

The museum has displays showing the camp, the life styles and artifacts of this time in history. The artwork of the prisoners is also shown in the museum as well as the Nativity Scene built by the German POW’s.

There are photos of the prisoners leaving the camp in February of 1946.

Also on display is a 1940 Ford Fodor V-8 Deluxe. This is the type of vehicle that was used for staff cars.

This is a museum that allows the exploration of the POW’s life in the USA during World War II.

Location: 114 South Thornington Street, Algona, Iowa 50511

Hours: 1-4 Sat. Sun April through December. Open by appointment. Closed January, February and March except by appointment.

Admission fee: $3 per person

Phone: 515-395-2267 or 515-295-3719  

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