Gomaco University – Ida Grove, Iowa

Gomaco UniversityGomaco University – Ida Grove, Iowa

The town of Ida Grove, Iowa is the home of GOMACO, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of concrete paving equipment. The above facility is the training center for owners, operators, and repair personnel to study the operation and maintenance of all types of paving equipment. It is housed in one of the castle-like structures built by the founder of GOMACO in the area. The building is lavishly decorated for the comfort and entertainment of its visitors. Included in it are bars, library, and billiards rooms. Here also is featured the collection of antique luxury cars started by Harold Godhersen; one can look at also his accumulation of early CrisCraft wooden boats.

The GOMACO company also specializes in the reconditioning of antique trolley cars from all over the world.

Directions – near the intersection of First Avenue and Moorehead Avenue G in Ida Grove, Iowa 51445

Hours – (by appointment)

Phone – (712) 364-3347  


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