J. A. Kirchner House – Peterson, Iowa

J A Kirchner HouseJ. A. Kirchner House – Peterson, Iowa

This Italiante-style, two-story home was built in 1875 in Peterson, Iowa. Visitors will notice as they tour the house walnut woodwork, a winding stairway, and beautifully restored cupboards in the pantry. The home has been furnished with period furniture. Also displayed are some of the tools used when the house was constructed.

Peterson is an historic, small town in northwest Iowa. It is located in the valley of the Little Sioux River on Highway 10in the southwest corner of Clay County.

The area was first settled by the Christian Kirchner family in 1856.

If you are interested in history, Peterson is a town to visit with the numerous historical sites and information available.

Peterson, Iowa 51047  

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