St. Patrick’s Church – Georgetown, Iowa

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St. Patrick’s Church – Georgetown, Iowa In 1851, a log church was established, as the faith was the priority item to the immigrants. By the early 1860′s more natives of Ireland had joined their brothers and the congregation had out grown the tiny church. The beautiful sandstone structure known today as St. Patrick’s Georgetown was constructed during the 1860′s as the pioneers themselves quarried the stone and hoisted it in place. Work was delayed by the civil war, but the Irish were determined and as a result, the church is complete and holds worship services every week.

The cemetery has always been the final resting place for all of the Georgetown descendants. The cemetery is directly across from the church so it is easy to find. If you are searching for connections to the past with your family you will be able to search the cemetery records of St. Patrick’s Church.

Labor day is a gathering for all of the Georgetown clan and any one who is Irish. There is a homemade dinner and an auction. Labor day is always a great gathering for everyone young and old.


  1. judith Heelan (Heyland) Pierce says:

    Looking for a gruncle William B Heelan (Heyland) born 1906, to William B Heyland and Nellie Kelley Heyland died 1922 Chicago and brought to St. Patricks Georgetown for reburial in 1923 . ( I Think) Maybe someone of the family still lives in the area. any info would be appreciated. thank you and I hope to someday visit St. Patricks where my father and all his family were Baptized.

  2. I have contacted the church as asked they to assist you with your inquiry. Good luck and thank you for contacting www,

    Pat Watson

  3. John P. O'Brien says:

    In response to Judith Heeland (Heyland) Pierce, I have probably the most complete listing of the headstones in the St. Patrick cemetery at Georgetown. I have photographed all of the headstones that can be found and have used the information to update the Iowa Genealogical Society listing for the cemetery. I do not find any “Heyland” or “Heeland” listed in the cemetery listing.

    My lists for the St. Mary’s cemetary, Weller, and St. Mary’s cemetery show a number of “Heyland” and “Heland” headstons. However I do not find a headstone in for “William B. Heyland” in any of the cemetery listings that I have.

    I would be glad to send Judith a copy of the listing if she would contact me at . I would also be happy to send her copies of any of the headstone photos that she might want.

    It is my understanding that years ago a number of the headstones that had fallen over were removed.

    Best regards,

    John P. O’Brien

  4. monica fairchild says:

    To my knowledge and belief it would have been my Great, Great, Great Grandfather who built the Church and so named after him there in Georgetown Iowa. Any information on the Church or Patrick Quinn would be wonderful. Thank You.

  5. Laura Roan says:

    Patrick Quinn is my G-G-Great grandfather also. He is buried at Georgetown. I am related up him through my Mothers side- Barrons from Weller,IA

  6. Hello, all. My mother’s father and his side of the family came from Iowa; Monroe Co. to be specific. In researching family genealogy, I was referred to a historical novel written by Leo R. Ward C.S.C., entitled “CONCERNING MARY ANN”, published in 1950. Throughout its contents (which describe a family’s arrival in Monroe in the 1850s), there is quite a bit of information regarding the original church, St. Gregory’s, and the building of St. Patrick’s. There is also mention of quarrying the stone, and visits from Father Kreckl. I was able to find a freely downloadable copy online.

    The name of the maternal side of my family is Carr; Michael and his wife Susan, and their children Charles, Patrick, Michael, Dominic, and Stephen, all of which donated their labor in the building of St. Stephen’s. A number of them are buried in the graveyard as well; Mr. O’ Brien, I’ll be sending you an email soon…

    John West
    Whittier, CA

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