Working Amish Community – Near Bloomfield, Iowa Near Drakesville


Working Amish Community – Near Bloomfield, Iowa Near Drakesville This is a working Amish comminity with over 40 businesses near Drakesville and Bloomfield, Iowa. (If you stop at the Davis County Welcome Center you can obtain maps to nearby Amish businesses.) This Amish settlement in southeast Iowa near Bloomfield, has been in existence since the mid-1960s. The Amish bring a lifestyle that focuses on the simple things in life.

The array of businesses the Amish provide to the community include several wood working and furniture shops, country stores, a quilt shop, greenhouses, harness shops, horse collar manufacturing, a buggy shop and a selection of other businesses.

At the Yoder Kountry Korner you will find an expansive ruogh-hewn pine porch to welcome you. It also contains Amish made indoor and outdoor furniture, wagons, horse tack and quilts. The items in this store, like those in the other businesses in the area, are made by the family members.

On your way to Drakesville, you will pass a one-room Amish schoolhouse, wonderful white-washed Amish homes (remember, there is no electricity to any of these homes or businesses), filled with Amish families which average eight children per family. Many of the farms include a smaller home for the grandparents to live in called a "grossdawdy" house in German.

If the buggy is in the yard and the horses are in the paddock and there is not an electrical line running to the home, you can be pretty sure you have come upon an Amish home.

At the Graber’s Country Store and Discount Foods you will find a section of the store that is filled with salvaged goods from groceries to building supplies.

It’s good to know something about Amish customs when you visit an Amish community. Ask permission before photographing Amish people, their homes, farms and businesses. Remember that the Amish keep Sundays for worship, so plan your trip for other days of the week, when Amish shops are open.

Location: South and Wet of Bloomfield, around Drakesville.

Phone: 641-664-2300 (the Visitors Center….the Amish do not have phones in their homes)


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