Swedish Heritage Museum – Swedesburg, Iowa


The Swedish Heritage Museum displays exhibits that present the immigrant experiences of the Swedish settlers of Swedesburg, early farming practices of the farmers who reclaimed the marshy acres surrounding the town, and the history of the church established in the town of Swedesburg.

Open everyday except Wednesday and Sunday year round.

Telephone 319-254-2317 


  1. Wallace Lind says:

    I have driven by your sign many times (en route from Belleville IL to Urbandale IA) & always seem to be in a hurry. I am very proud of my Swedish heritage & I would love to “catch” you at your museum. My Swedish ancestors settled in Marathon Iowa where there are many, many Swedes . . . or *were*. Sadly, the old enclaves are fading away as the rural way of life changes. Anyway, I’m going to put your phone number in my cell phone & see if I can come by at an opportune time.
    P.S. Have you seen the movie “Sweet Land”? Oh my goodness. Granted, it’s set in Minnesota but it looked like Iowa to me . . . & oh so beautiful were the people & so poignant their experience.

  2. David Shipp says:

    Iowa has so many ethnic museums and places of interest celebrating people’s heritage, including this museum (which I have not been to yet but plan to) as well as the Danish Museum at Elk Horn, lots of Dutch attractions at Pella, African American Museum in Cedar Rapids, Czech Museum also at Cedar Rapids, Norwegian Heritage Museum at Decorah, German Museum at Davenport as well as Hausbarn Heritage Park (German) at Manning

  3. Jean Reed says:

    My ancestors are all from Sweden, settling in NW Pennsylvania (Chandler’s Valley near Warren, Pa.). I’ve visited some relatives in Sweden and some have visited us.
    We now live in Florida, but our son is at U. of Iowa so I will stop to see you when I get to Iowa.

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