Iowa Army Ammunition Plant – Middletown, Iowa

Iowa Army Ammunition Plant – Middletown, Iowa – Iowa Army Ammunition Plant is a Group Technology Center for missile warheads, tank ammunition, artillery rounds and demolition charges.

The Iowa AAP’s 1,500 building facility is built on 19,300 acres in southeast Iowa. Less than a third of the IAAAP’s 19,015-acre (30-square-mile) property is occupied by active or formerly-active production or storage facilities. The remaining land is evenly divided between leased agricultural acreage and woodlands.

Public access to the installation is restricted by contractor security measures, including perimeter fencing, but various recreational activities are allowed in some non-industrial, on-site areas. These recreational activities include hunting and fishing. Public access to many on-site contaminated areas, however, is prevented by secondary fencing surrounding installation facilities and industrial areas.

The Iowa Army Ammunition Plant facility is recognized as a leader in the high, medium, and low volume production of pressed or melt-poured warheads such as Hellfire, TOW, Patriot, Stinger, Javelin, and Hawk. The facility also produces 120mm battle tank ammunition and a variety of mines, mortars artillery rounds, demolition charges, and blanks. Named as the Midwest Area Demilitarization Facility in 1992, the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant now has an additional mission of disposing of old and/or obsolete ammunition in an environmentally- conscious manner.

Location: 10 miles west of Burlington in Middletown, Iowa on HWY 79 off Middletown Rd. which branches off Hwy 34.  



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