Maharishi Vedic City Iowa

Vedic City, Iowa, USA (Maharishi) was established just outside of Fairfield, Iowa, as a city of peaceful living in this southeast Iowa area. The city and it’s schools are open for tours, the culture is available for all to experience by the gracious members of the community. Someplace unique to visit and learn, they welcome you.

The following information was reproduced with permission of the Vedic City officials.

Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, USA incorporated on July 21, 2001, as a model of ideal city life. The name “Vedic” comes from the Sanskrit word “Veda,” which means “knowledge.”

What will you find in the Maharishi Vedic City?

Vedic Architecture: Every building is designed according to Maharishi Sthapatya VedaSM design, to promote health, happiness, and good fortune. Each building faces east and has a central silent space called a Brahmasthan and a golden roof ornament called a kalash.

Vedic Health Care: Probably the healthiest city in America, the City is the home to the College of Maharishi Vedic Medicine of Maharishi University of Management and The Raj, America’s flagship health center and spa based on the natural, prevention-oriented Maharishi Vedic Approach to HealthSM.

Vedic Agriculture: The City recognizes the importance of healthy food for its citizens has banned the sale of all non-organic food from its city and has begun construction on the first of a planned 100 acres of greenhouses at Maharishi Vedic City Organic Farms which will grow organic produce for residents of the City and Midwest.

Vedic Education: Recognizing that the solution to all problems is proper education-education that develops the total brain potential and cosmic creative intelligence of every student-the City adopted an ordinance on January 28, 2004, to establish Maharishi Vedic University to provide a public university, colleges, and primary and secondary schools for the city’s residents. The City and the surrounding area is also home to pioneering Consciousness-Based universities and schools including Maharishi University of Management, Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, Maharishi Open University, Maharishi Spiritual University, and Ideal Girls School.

Vedic Economy: The ideal currency of the City is the Raam-the development currency of the Global Country of World Peace. (You can still use dollars or your credit card.) The City is also planning to be the future home of Raam Bank.

Vedic Defense: Founded to become a “lighthouse of peace” for America and the world. The City is working to establish a permanent group of peace-creating experts whose daily practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation™ and Yogic Flying techniques will promote coherent national and world consciousness and thereby prevent any negativity from arising in America or in the family of nations.

Attractions: Rukmapura Park Hotel; trails, parks and lake; Raj Hotel and Resort; Maharishi Vedic Observatory; Maharishi University of Management; Maharishi Open University; Organic Vegetarian Restaurants.

Take our half-day tour any Friday or Sunday from 11 a.m to 3 p.m.
Begin your tour at The Raj Health Center with orientation, overview and a welcome.
Enjoy a gourmet, organic, all-you-can eat buffet lunch.
See the Vedic Observatory, an astonishing 1.5-acre outdoor observatory. Its design principles date back thousands of years and can be found in the architecture of ancient cultures from every part of the world.
Visit the campus of Maharishi University of Management, including the Golden Domes, where 1,000 experts gather twice daily to practice Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying to promote peace and harmony in the world.
Visit the Brain Research Institute, where scientists are mapping the unfoldment of the unlimited creative potential of the human brain.
Tour stunningly beautiful buildings designed and constructed according to the Vedic architecture of ancient India.

Cost: just $30 per adult, $15 for children under 12 years. Price includes a delicious vegetarian organic lunch at The Raj. Tour reservations are required at least 48 hours in advance; call (641) 472-9580, ext. 0 or email And before you leave home, be sure to get confirmation that your reservation has been successfully processed.

Directions: two miles north of Fairfield in Southeast Iowa.

Phone: (641) 470-7000

Address: City Hall
1973 Grand Drive
Maharishi Vedic City


  1. leeza degtoff says:

    so glad to find your city. i saw story on TV while i was sleeping – surfing and
    couldn’t get it out of my mind. didn’t know how to find out more and then thought
    of Google – so glad to know you are near Fairfield in southeast Iowa.

    Thank you Google and Maharishi Vedic City.

  2. I was so excited when I saw a program on the Travel Channel talking about this town. There is no doubt in my mind that I would LOVE to live in this town. My husband said it reminds him of a cult.. UGH!!! hmmm…. might have to move there and leave him behind!! I will visit this town. I have put it on my “Bucket List.”

  3. That city has my vote. I would move my family there.

  4. I just saw your marvelous town on TV. Did not know that such a unique town exist in America. I’d like to visit your town as soon as I get a chance, to learn from you, perchance I can replicate it in my own little place here. I know how to meditate and do it every chance I have since learning it in the Philippines before coming to America which must have greatly contributed to my good health and disposition. Have been good to mother earth, recycles, eat organic food, and my yard has little wild vegetation that grows by itself all year round. Can’t wait to come learn and experience your teachings.

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