The Miller House Museum – Keokuk, Iowa


The three–story, 12–room brick home was built by Justice Samuel Miller in 1857 in Keokuk, Iowa. The Museum is owned and operated by the Lee County Historical Society. The home was built by Samuel Freeman Miller in 1859 at a cost of $13,000. Miller was appointed to the United States Supreme Court by Abraham Lincoln in 1862, and served until his death in

On The Ground Floor…
Kitchen with a cast iron stove and many kitchen instruments used before electricity, such as a churn, sadirons, and carpet beaters.

Laundry room with Hubinger’s Elastic Starch and the world’s largest overalls.

Display of turn of the century medical instruments.

Dentist’s suite complete with a foot powered drill.

Family dining room, now used as a well-stocked salesroom.

On The Main Floor…

Carved rotunda entrance.

Grand hallway graced by portraits of Chief Keokuk and Justice Samuel Freeman Miller, plus a lithograph of the City of Keokuk in 1857.

Front Parlor honoring the founders of the Medical College and the Civil War Generals from Keokuk.

Back parlor where the family and friends could entertain themselves with the square grand piano, pump organ, stereopticon and photograph albums. Both parlors have recently been renovated and decorated.

And Upstairs…

Bedroom containing Renaissance Victorian furniture with knitted bedspread and coverlets, plus a "Gone with the Wind" lamp.

Art Nouveau bedroom, the age of starched collars, curled hair, and hats and flowers.

Lawyer’s study honoring Miller, his partners, and local judges who served in Keokuk’s Federal Courtroom. The room is furnished with a revolving bookcase and a root chair.

Nursery with dolls and carriages, a rocking horse, a fully furnished doll house, and Schoenhut piano.

A hall gallery of scenes of the taming of the Mississippi with a canal, and later with a mile long dam and hydroelectric plant.

A case of Indian artifacts also contains Chief Keokuk’s musket.

The home is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Besides the regular furnishings and exhibits, the dining room now has an antique Victorian dining room set featuring eight matching chairs and a table featuring a center pedestal with eagle claw feet.

Location: 318 N. Fifth St, Keokuk, Iowa

Hours: 1 to 4 p.m. every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until Labor Day

Admission: $2 for adults, $1 for children or $5 per family.

Phone: 319-524-5599

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