Tri-State Rodeo – Fort Madison, Iowa


Tri-State Rodeo – Fort Madison, Iowa Since 1947, Fort Madison has hosted one of the nation’s top professional rodeos. A 10,000 seat outdoor arena plays host to four performances. This annual event continues to grow…don’t miss it!

The program for 2011 begins on September 7th and goes through the 10th.  Come and enjoy the events.  There are going to be some new and different prerodeo events as well so get ready!

The PRCA Rodeo action every year beginning the Wednesday after Labor Day. The Fort Madison Rodeo, bringing in over 75,000 tourist annually is proud to provide quality contestents in all the areas of rodeo, from the bronc riding, bull riding, barrel racing to the crowning of the Miss Iowa Rodeo.

If you are planning to attend the rodeo, get your reservations in quickly since the area fills up with other fans of quality rodeos.

P.O. Box 80
Fort Madison, IA 52627

Phone Number:
(319) 372-2550 or (800) 369-3211



  1. Savanah Bleins says:

    I love the rodeo and I am 14 and i been going ther since i was 4 years old and it is amazing and i will tell any one that love reodos this must be on your list before u die and the pople i go with they been going for 20years. That for i wonder time at the reodo

  2. dawn defoe says:

    i have been trying to find out information on the 2010 ft madison rodeo but the website no longer exist……can you please tell mw what website to go to and also who the entertainment is going to be this year…thank! possibly SUGARLAND?

  3. Dr. Matthew L, Johns says:

    Look forward to the rodeo every year. Can’t wait! Been going with Lefty, Gus and Cowboy Steve since the mid 1980′s. We’re all getting plenty old but we haven’t hung up our saddles yet. We always go early, tie our feed bags on, then visit the venders. We thoroughly enjoy the rodeo. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Great athletes, post rodeo concerts and overall over the top hospitality- both the rodeo committee and the people of Fort Madison! Even if it’s only for 1 weekend a year, God smiles on the arena of the Tri-State Rodeo. Definately the place to be the weekend after Labor day! Can’t get enough. Thanks for everything.

  4. Sept.8-11, 2010 …Tri-State Rodeo
    Fort Madison

  5. Vicky Starbuck says:

    The rodeo is great. I have been over 50 years. Check out the parade & other events.

  6. Kenneth W. Shannon says:

    I haven’t found anything about the 2010 rodeo.
    I live near Hannibal, Mo. and have been comming to the rodeo since 1970 and have enjoyed everyone of them. The rodeo preformers have been very professional and know how to get the people fired up. The announcers truely make the show. Tallman and the others have help the rodeo what it is today.
    Please continue the great work. And a special thanks to all the locals that put so much of their time in making the rodeo happen.

  7. The rodeo dates for 2010 are Sept. 8 – 11. Thanks for asking.

  8. Jamie Hall says:

    I’ve only attended a few of the actual rodeo performances, but I have not missed a rodeo parade performance in my 27 years! The experence as a whole is a fabulous one! Make sure you watch the Rodeo performance, the Musical guests, and on Saturday don’t forget the parade!

  9. the rodeo was awesome way to much rain but it was fun playing in the rain soo ready for next year ya’ll have a good day now

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