West Point Public Museum – West Point, Iowa

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West Point Public Museum – West Point, Iowa. The West Point Museum, which is located on the southwest corner of the town square in West Point at 311 Avenue D., was established in 1977 by the West Point Historical Society. Museum items include numerous 1800 to 1900 period furnishings and artifacts.

To experience the past the West Point Museum offers visitors an opportunity to see those items that are part of what life was like for the pioneers of the 1800′s.

An ever-expanding collection includes;
Women’s bustle dresses, hats, high-top shoes, and rattan baby-buggy with umbrella (circa 1890)
Military uniforms w/medals (WWI [Army], WWII [Army & Air Force], Korean War [Army])
Kleber family German bibles, wedding dress and pedal-organ (1850-1890)
Dr. Poepsels medical office furniture and equipment (1928-)
Ossenbrink apothecary cage and display cases (1917)
Link family rattan funeral casket (1920)
Ben Pieper Indian spear point collection (8000 BC through 500 AD)
West Point newspaper collection (issues beginning in 1878)
School photographs (St. Mary’s 1903-1966 and Park Public School 1954-1980)
German hand scythe and farm tools (pre-1925)

Phone: (319)837-6315 and leave a message for the Historical Society.
to set a time to take a tour of the museum.
The museum is not open all the time so be sure to call ahead.

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